Before I hit middle age I lived in my head and neglected my heart. Yes, I had degrees in theology under my belt. I also had a resume packed with experience as an Evangelical pastor, Seminary professor, author of Christian books, and radio talk show host on a religious station in Los Angeles. All that ended when I traveled through the valley of the shadow of divorce, death, disease, debt, doubt, and the downward slide of my business.

The turning point for me was after I migrated to the USA from South Africa in the 1970's, trained to be a psychologist, founded a multi-cultural clinic, and moved away from my Tribal background.

Bruce the church bouncer did not throw me out onto the street. I walked out the back door with my eye on new internal spiritual vistas.

I was exiled for questioning church dogma and practice while I going through a painful divorce. During that period as a Christian in exile I had more questions than answers about ultimate issues.

Now in my old age soon to turn 80, I find myself on an inward path. My quest is towards a more contemplative experience of truth through the eye of the heart. I am more drawn to the mystical component of faith rather than battles over human-generated beliefs and political divisions. I am not anti-intellectual but know the limits of my trickster ego-bound mind. Like Thomas Merton I aspire to live from the center of my True self.

I am currently writing a memoir "Hearts Wide Open: Leaving Religion, Finding Faith". This is the story of my shift from Evangelical Christianity in my early years to an inner spirituality. I'm the author of four other books

Today my mission is threefold. Live from the Heart. Inspire others. Do good where I have opportunity.

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Cedric Johnson, PhD

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Psychologist. Founder: Coaching for Meaning and Purpose: Author of upcoming memoir "Hearts Wide Open - Leaving Religion, Finding Faith"