Don’t Believe Your Thoughts — Trust Your True Self

  1. Be aware of the machinations of the ego (e.g. in moments of need or when we feel inferior). Awareness is the first step to us living in an awakened state. It loves to play the old children’s game “I’m the king of the castle. You’re the dirty rascal”
  2. Tell him/her that there is no problem to solve right now (You will be amazed how quickly the ego backs off when you take this step. It loves the important feeling when you ask for advice)
  3. Don’t try and extinguish or judge the ego but ask it to sit on the bench and watch the Soul at work. The biggest mistake we can make is to try and ban the ego from our lives. The paradox here is that any such attempt makes the ego stronger.
  4. In moments of silence inform your inner operating system “I’m listening for you?” That voice is longing to hear from us.
  5. Wait in silence for the answer. We are instructed in the Scriptures “Be still and know that I am God”.
  6. Repeat this process is short 10-minute sessions throughout the day. This simple practice can help center the most distracted life.



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Cedric Johnson, PhD

Cedric Johnson, PhD


Retired Psychologist. Pilgrim searching for a heart based spirituality and avoiding head-based dogma. Writing when I’m inspired and when I’m not